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Adoption in Ukraine

Notice: New UAA Country Specific Guidance for Ukraine 

The Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine will be closed on July 4th (Monday) to observe a U.S. Independence Day.  In August, 2016 the Embassy will be closed on August 24th (Wednesday) to observe a Ukrainian Independence Day.  Please plan accordingly.

New Procedures for Identifying and Treating Active Tuberculosis 

Effective April 1, 2013, the U.S. Embassy’s panel physicians in Ukraine started using the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 2007 Tuberculosis Technical Instructions.  Please visit the relevant page of our website for detailed notice.


IMPORTANT! We recommend adoptive parents to familiarize with public notice on obligatory DS-260 form implementation.  Please click here for detailed information.

This adoption information is based on the latest guidance the Embassy has received from the Department for Adoption and Protection of Children's Rights (DAPCR) under the Ministry for Social Policy of Ukraine.  It is provided for general information only.  Questions involving interpretation of specific Ukrainian adoption laws should be addressed to foreign legal counsel or your adoption service provider.


Information that you will find on our website is a guide for U.S. citizens who plan to adopt a child in Ukraine and apply for an immigrant visa for the child to come to the United States.  This process involves complex foreign and U.S. legal requirements.  U.S. consular officers review each case carefully to ensure that the legal requirements of both countries have been met, for the protection of the prospective adopting parent(s), the biological parents(s) and the child.  Interested U.S. citizens are strongly encouraged to contact U.S. consular officials in Ukraine before formalizing an adoption agreement to ensure that appropriate procedures have been followed, which will make it possible for the Embassy to issue a U.S. immigrant visa for the child.

What does Ukraine require of the adoptive parents after the adoption?

Ukraine requires adoptive parents to supply information about the adopted child's living conditions and educational progress to the Ukrainian consular office annually during the first three years following the adoption and once every three years thereafter, until the child's 18th birthday.  NOTE: Under Ukrainian law, an adopted child remains a citizen until he/she turns 18 years old.  At that time, he/she can decide whether or not to remain a Ukrainian citizen. 

We strongly urge you to comply with the wish of Ukraine and complete all post-adoption requirements in a timely manner.  Your adoption agency may be able to help you with this process.  Your cooperation will contribute to that country's history of positive experiences with American parents.

What resources are available to assist families after the adoption? 

Many adoptive parents find it important to find support after the adoption.  Take advantage of all the resources available to your family – whether it's another adoptive family, a support group, an advocacy organization, or your religious or community services.

Here are some good places to start your support group search:

NOTE: Inclusion of non-U.S. Government links does not imply endorsement of contents.

Fingerprints collection. The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv can provide the service of fingerprints collection in the following cases:
-  Adoption
-  U.S. military personnel submitting the Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization) to USCIS
-  U.S. police checks for U.S. citizens 

To apply for this service and schedule your visit to the Consular Section, please e-mail Please note, that depending on the type of the benefit you are applying for, you may be required to pay $85 fee.

ATTENTION: inquiries about this service are NOT ACCEPTED BY TELEPHONE.

Contact Information

  • Mailing Addresses

    From the U.S.:
    Consular Section
    U.S. Embassy
    5850 Kyiv Place
    Department of State
    Washington, D.C. 20521-5850

    From Ukraine:
    Consular Section
    U.S. Embassy to Ukraine
    4 Aircraft Designer Igor Sikorsky Street,
    Kyiv 04112, Ukraine
    (former Tankova St.)

    Tel:   044-521-5460

    Important information

    The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv is closed to the public for visa business on weekends, the last Friday of the month, as well as U.S. and Ukrainian holidays.