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Democracy Small Grants Program
2016 Democracy Small Grants Program General Competition

The U.S. Embassy invites Ukrainian non-profit and non-governmental organizations to submit project proposals to the Democracy Small Grants Program.  This program supports projects that foster the development and education of civil society in Ukraine.  It is a focused yet flexible mechanism that provides seed money for unique and sustainable projects, particularly projects that help develop the capacity and sustainability of non-governmental organizations in Ukraine.  Selection of projects is based on applicants' ability to demonstrate concrete achievements that can show impact in a given field or community.  More than 1,000 projects from Ukrainian NGOs have received funding through the Democracy Grants Program since July 1996.  Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Major Program Requirements

  • Grants can only be given to Ukrainian NGOs (non-profit and non-governmental organizations) registered in accordance with Ukrainian law.  NGOs include, but are not limited to, civic organizations or associations, charitable foundations, and think tanks.
  • NGOs and their members cannot represent or be affiliated with any political party, or with appointed or elected officials.
  • Although the maximum funding available for a single grant is $24,000, the average amount of awarded grants is between $5,000 and $15,000.
  • U.S. or other third-country organizations and individuals are not eligible to apply for grants.
  • General competition applications must be submitted in both in English and in Ukrainian.
  • In addition to this general competition, the U.S. Embassy will, from time to time, hold special regional or thematic competitions, which may have different rules regarding project eligibility. Please check the U.S. Embassy website and social media sites for announcements.
  • Project dates cannot exceed one year. Costs incurred before the official grant period begins will not be reimbursed.

General Competition Project Themes

Project proposals must clearly promote one or more of the following themes:

  • Economic Reforms: fostering innovation, a culture of entrepreneurship, and gender equality in Ukraine.  Developing respect for intellectual property rights protection in Ukraine.  Improving the business environment for small and medium enterprises.  Encouraging greater energy efficiency at both the consumer and municipal levels.
  • Anti-Corruption and Transparency in Government: promoting e-governance at the local level.  Regulatory reform to reduce opportunities for petty corruption.
  • Anti-propaganda:  projects to combat disinformation.
  • Support for internally displaced persons (IDPs):  education and awareness campaign in communities with IDPs across Ukraine regarding their rights and privileges (housing, work, education, voting, etc.)
  • Support for veterans:  providing legal and advocacy support for veterans returning from the front line.

There is no fixed application deadline – this is an open-ended competition. 

How to Apply

  • To apply, please download, complete and send us the application forms (in Ukrainian & English). Please also include copies of registration documents of your organization, resumes of lead project implementers (with contact information and phone numbers), form SF424 (in English and Ukrainian) and the registration DUNS number.

    For allowable expenses, please, check here. You are requested to submit the proposal with supporting documents only by e-mail to:

    Only one application per organization can be submitted and will be considered;  multiple applications will not be processed. 

    If you have not received a confirmation of receipt of your application within 5 working days, please call the Grants Office of the US Embassy on 521-5565 or 521-5625 to inquire about the status of your application.

Grants Office

  • Contact Information:

    Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy 

    4 Igor Sikorsky Street 
    Kyiv 04112, Ukraine
    (38-044) 521-5044
    Fax: (38-044) 521-5575


    Dina Bernardin
    , ESF Coordinator

    Tetyana Podobinska-Shtyk, Expert, Democracy Commission

    Sergey Reshetov, Expert, Democracy Commission


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