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Events 2012

Remarks: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, October 30, 2012

October 30, 2012

QUESTION:  Yes.  Brad Clapper from Associated Press. […]And Madam Secretary, […] if you have any reactions to Ukraine’s elections as well.  Thank you. 

SECRETARY CLINTON:  […] Regarding Ukraine, we share the view of the OSCE monitors that Sunday’s elections constituted a step backward for Ukrainian democracy.  It was a step backward from the parliamentary elections and the 2010 presidential election.  And we reiterate our deep concern that the politically motivated convictions of opposition leaders, including former Prime Minister Tymoshenko, prevented them from running and standing in these elections, and we call upon the Government of Ukraine to put an immediate end to the selective prosecution and detention of political opponents. 

Like the rest of Europe, the people of Ukraine deserve so much better.  They deserve to live in a country with strong democratic institutions, that respects the rule of law, and these elections did not advance those goals.  So the United States remains committed to the people of Ukraine.  We want to work with them to strengthen their democracy, sovereignty, and independence of their state, as we have for more than 20 years.  And we call upon the leadership to stop the backward slide that Ukraine is in and start, once again, living up to the aspirations of the Ukrainian people, and the United States will stand with them as they do. 

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