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Programs and Grants

The Ukrainian Media Partnership Program

Competition for participation in Ukraine Media Partnership Program  is open!

International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) announces the competition for participation in Ukraine Media Partnership Program (UMPP) 2013-2014.

About the program:

The Ukrainian Media Partnership Program (UMPP) creates and fosters long-term relationships between selected U.S. media outlets and Ukrainian media outlets. UMPP works with independent print, radio and TV media sectors in Ukraine. UMPP was launched in 2002 and funded by the Public Affairs Section, US Embassy in Ukraine.

IREX works to strengthen the current legal status of independent media, improve the professional journalism and business skills of media owners and employees through training and on-site consultations, and increase the resources and services available to independent media through indigenous media associations. IREX has provided support to independent journalists in Ukraine since 1996 through conducting trainings and education, media monitoring, research and supporting media associations.

From the program’s start 32 partnerships were carried on, which involved over 130 US trainers visiting Ukraine and over 170 Ukrainian professionals having internships in the USA.


  • regional press and broadcast media outlets
  • independent (from political forces or local authorities)
  • informational ( create news products) for wide audiences (Specialized publications will not be considered)

Program activity includes but doesn’t limit to:

Creation and sustaining of long-term partnership with US media organization. During the UMPP Program year Ukrainian finalist organizations will have:

  • Two group internships of Ukrainian professionals (10 days each) in the USA;
  • Two visits of US trainers to the hosting organization in Ukraine (1 week each);
  • Final round table for project results discussion

APPLICATION DEADLINE: July 26, 2013, Friday, 4 p.m.

For additional information please refer to:

Svitlana Zholobaylo,
UMPP Program Coordinator,
Vul.Saksahanskogo 36d,
2-nd entrance, 5th floor
Kyiv, 01033
tel/f.: (044) 537-0604