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Programs and Grants

Social Media Training for NGOs Grant Program

Please note that this 2013 competition is over. 

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine calls for proposals from Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and independent media outlets interested in conducting projects that further freedom of information through social media professional development and training. Such professional development programs for utilizing new media are intended to help improve Ukrainian citizens’ access to information and to further the preservation of Internet freedom. Projects should show how improved social media capacity will benefit the freedom of information goals of the organization, further education on Ukraine’s Law on Access to Public Information, and the public welfare in general.

The proposed project activities must fall into the following areas to be considered for funding in this competition:

  • Internet Freedom: projects that work to protect freedom of expression, association, and assembly in the online world through new and social media training.
  • Public Access to Information: Support NGOs engaged in providing information to the public to develop greater social media skills and capabilities so that they can expand their outreach and increase the amount of feedback they get from their target audiences.
  • New Media in Traditional Independent Media: Initiatives that will further the development and effectiveness of the traditional independent media’s use of new and social media.
  • Youth in Social Media: Building capacity in social media among young Ukrainians. Activities must be tied to the work of civil society organizations, freedom of public information, and Internet freedom. 

The Social Media Training for NGOs grant program welcomes proposals from Ukrainian non-governmental organizations and independent media outlets committed to freedoms of press, speech, and the Internet. Only one proposal per organization will be accepted. Grants are made on a one-time basis.  The duration of programs may vary depending on the proposals, but the length of the project funded should be no longer than one year. No grant will exceed $75,000. Most awards will be smaller; the average expected size of these grant is from $10,000 to $30,000.

Competition Requirements

  • The Social Media Training grant program welcomes proposals from Ukrainian non-governmental organizations and independent media outlets. Ukrainian state organizations are not eligible to apply. Only one proposal per organization should be submitted.
  • Eligible organizations and their members may not represent any political party, or serve as appointed or elected public officials at the time of application or for the duration of the grant.  Organizations which belong to and/or are financially supported by any political party (other than via intermittent advertising) are not eligible to apply.
  • Eligible organizations may not make any expenditures with their own funds on behalf of political parties, party coalitions, or their representatives.
  • Grant money may not be used to contribute to any political campaigns, nor may it be used to offset the expense of contributing to any political campaign.
  • Eligible organizations may not publish or communicate anything that explicitly or implicitly favors or opposes any political candidate, political party, or party coalition. 
  • Application to, or receipt of funds from this thematic competition, does not disqualify any organization from competing for other U.S. government funds. 


Only electronic applications will be accepted.  No paper applications will be accepted.  You must submit your application in PDF format.  Applications must be completed in both English and Ukrainian.  You must use the standard grants application forms and follow the instructions provided on this page. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered for this competition. 

Please note that this 2013 competition is over. 

How to Apply