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Events 2014

Remarks of Secretary of State John Kerry on Yesterday's Events in Ukraine

Secretary of State John Kerry commented on yesterday’s events in Ukraine before hіs meeting with Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos in Washington, D.C., January 17:

I do want to say one word quickly about the events that took place yesterday in Ukraine.  The legislation that was rammed through the Rada without transparency and accountability violates all the norms of the OSCE and the EU.  We believe deeply that the people of Ukraine want to affiliate and want to be associated with Europe and they want to turn in that direction.  And the steps that were taken yesterday are anti-democratic, they’re wrong, they are taking from the people of Ukraine their choice and their opportunity for the future.  So we will continue to stay focused on this issue, but this kind of anti-democratic maneuver is extremely disturbing and should be a concern to every nation that wants to see the people of Ukraine be able to not only express their wish but see it executed through the political process.

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