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Messages for U.S. Citizens and Warden Information

The Embassy occasionally contacts U.S. Citizens who have signed-up with the Smart Traveler Enrolment Program (STEP) to pass along news and important messages regarding safety and security issues.  We send these messages by email, and by SMS text message if you choose, and they are posted below. 

What is a Message to U.S. Citizens?

Messages to U.S. Citizens contain routine but important information such as voting news, opportunities to meet with a Consular Officer and receive Consular services outside of Kyiv, or any changes to the Embassy's opening hours or services.

What is an Emergency Message to U.S. Citizens?

Emergency Messages to U.S. Citizens are breaking news messages containing advice for the resident U.S. community, such as those alerting U.S. citizens to a political crisis, a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack.

What are Wardens?

Wardens are private U.S. citizens residing in Ukraine that help the Embassy contact U.S. citizens in an emergency and assist U.S. citizens in trouble or during a crisis when an Embassy official can't travel to the scene quickly.  Please contact the American Citizen Services unit if you are interested in volunteering as a Warden.  We greatly appreciate the support from our Wardens and the important role they play!

Recent Messages to U.S. Citizens

WorldwideConsular Visit to Dnipropetrovsk on August 8 – Message for U.S. Citizens – U.S. Embassy Kyiv August 5, 2013Travel Alert, August 02, 2013



 When an American citizen agrees to act as a warden for the American Embassy Kyiv, Ukraine, he/she agrees to the following conditions:


  1. The warden’s name and contact information will be distributed to all U.S. citizens within his/her warden’s area, if need arises.


  1. The warden agrees to protect information regarding American Citizens and Permanent Residents confidential in accordance with the Privacy Act.


  1. The warden may appoint at least one sub-warden or alternate who can substitute for the primary warden in his/her absence and ensure that the alternate is well versed in the primary warden’s responsibilities.


  1. The warden will assist the Embassy warden coordinator in selecting assembly areas and movement routes.


  1. When contacted by the American Embassy with a request to locate or find a particular person, he/she agrees to make the best effort possible, within reasonable means, to find the person. 


  1. The warden, if possible, attends warden meetings (usually held in Kyiv).


  1. In the case of emergency evacuation of citizens, the warden agrees to act as a point of contact with local government authorities, airports and airlines, using guidelines provided by the Embassy.


  1. During an emergency the warden will:


  • Remain in contact with the Embassy and available to answer questions from those individuals in the area of responsibility;


  • Pass, receive, and distribute messages on the status of the emergency and suggest actions to be taken. Transmit messages to those in the warden area verbatim, without interpreting or expanding upon the message;


  • Ensure that the information contained in the appropriate written notice is made available to all U.S. citizens in the area of responsibility when standfast, drawdown or evacuations are contemplated;


  • Be prepared to provide the Embassy warden coordinator with the names and status of those individuals contacted and not contacted within the area of responsibility; and


  • If the primary warden expects to be unavailable, ensure that the alternate is available to carry out the warden’s responsibilities.